I’d like to give a brief shout out to the REO Network and especially Windy Keefe.  Just out of the blue, they sent me a very nice fleece jacket emblazoned with the REO Network logo.  Windy included a nice hand-written card, thanking me for renewing my Premium Partner Plan with them.  It’s a very nice jacket and is helping me to keep warm which is especially important because of the nasty weather we’ve been having.


I renewed a couple of months ago – for two full years, first time I’ve ever done that (in the past I’ve signed up just six months at a time).  To me it seems clear the REO business isn’t going away for at least the next two years, and I might as well save the $400 by paying for the listing on REO Network in advance for those two years, and I get to take the tax deduction this year, which I’m sure I’ll need.