I’m a forward-looking guy – that’s why I got into the REO business, after all – so I usually don’t spend too much time looking at what’s gone by.  In this case, though, I’m going to make a bit of an exception, since it happens to be kind of flattering for me.

At my brokerage’s holiday party last December, I was talking to Ruth Bates, one of my colleagues at Thunderbird Real Estate.  She told me something that kind of surprised me:  she had run the numbers, and I, Sebastian Frey, was the #1 REO Listing Agent in Santa Cruz county by unit volume for the year 2010.

Ruth was instrumental in getting my brokerage to run an advertisement in our local newspaper congratulating me and other Top Performers at Thunderbird.  Here is a copy of part of that advertisement;


All I can say is, wow!  That’s an old picture of me!  🙂

I should say that I have not verified the claim that I am the #1 REO Agent in Santa Cruz county.  It wouldn’t surprise me, since I do work very hard and I do a tremendous amount of business here – but I have a lot of very good and also very busy competitors, so you shouldn’t be expecting me to rest on my laurels.

Looking forward to 2011 I hope to remain on top and grow my business further still.  I love a challenge, which is why I love the REO Business.

Wishing you all the best in the coming year!