So I’m sitting back last night watching the tube, Bachelorette had just finished and Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHNJ) was just starting up. I think it was during the first commercial break when my wife exclaimed, “Oh look, Teresa is auctioning off her stuff!”

A couple-few blog posts ago I discussed how Teresa Giudice’s mansion was getting foreclosed on – which, by the way, Teresa hotly denied an episode or two back of RHNJ, during her shameless tussle with Danielle about…who can remember or care what it was about, but it was shameless for sure.


Anyhow, my wife pointed me to an article on Yahoo News I think it was saying that Teresa’s belongings are going up for auction. It’s a sordid story there too I’m afraid – they’re accused of hiding assets (a real shocker) from the bankruptcy trustee, etc. Funny how one minute they’re not getting foreclosed on, then they’re filing for bankruptcy, the next minute Teresa is getting an almost-as-gaudy-as-it-is-gigantic yellow diamond ring from her husband for their 10th anniversary

And then the news that they’re auctioning off countless kitschy items from their vast collection of rash and extravagant impulse purchases. The laundry list of goods going up for auction include, apparently, a grand piano, a suit of armor, a jet boat, antique-style pool table, and much more – visit the auction company’s web site for the catalog. The aforementioned yellow diamond ring is not on the list – too bad, I was hoping I could get a deal on it for my lady!

Interestingly enough, I am checking the public records on this and I don’t see that a notice of default has been filed on the Guidice’s house – so maybe it’s just in pre-foreclosure. For those who care, they re-financed in June of 2008, the loan is $1,720,000 and it’s financed at 7.25% for 50 years. That’s only $10,391 a month – what, and they can’t keep up the payments also on their Escalade? Sheesh.