The leaves are changing colors and the air is getting crisp – so it must be time once again for the REOMAC Fall Education Summit.  Not surprisingly, the summit this year is being held in Hollywood, Florida.  Many of the default servicing industry’s best and brightest will be there to schmooze, network, gossip, and actually disseminate information about the recent events and trends in the REO industry.


As I said, the best and brightest will be there – so naturally you’re expecting you’ll be able to find me roaming the halls and plying the hotel bars.  Alas, you’d be wrong about that.  As it turns out, things have been very busy here at the Silicon REO Group, and I didn’t feel I could take the time away from my business at the moment to go larking on down to Florida.

However, in a burst of inspiration, I decided to send one of my team members down there in my stead.  If you’re attending the REOMAC Fall Education Summit, please be sure to look out for one John Brown.  He’s hard to miss – he’s quite the tall fellow, head and shoulders above the rest in more ways than one!  So if you see John, be sure to say hi and grab one of my business cards off him.

I’ll admit, I’m not sending John just to schmooze and booze it up with my colleagues and charm the asset management – although I have no doubt he’ll be very good at that. What I’m really after is the session audio.  John’s going to be packing a digital audio recorder, and I’m going to have him record all the trainings and sessions he attends.  When he gets back, I’ll copy the audio files on to my computer and listen to the MP3 files of the sessions.  I’m very curious to know what’s going on in the foreclosure industry from the perspective of lenders, servicers, outsourcers, and economists.  If I hear anything eye-opening or noteworthy, I’ll be sure to pass it along to you here on the blog.